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Best Excavation Services in Colorado Springs CO

We at CJ’s Plumbing, Heating, & Excavating, LLC excel in site and land-clearing, excavating structural debris, and taking over any construction dirt work. When we take up any digging project, we ensure to live up to the expectations and provide the best outcome by offering our Best Excavation Services in Colorado Springs CO. We have hands-on experience operating the latest machinery and equipment. Our dump trucks have high performance, and we do the grading work, trench, and backfill exceptionally. Our expert crew removes dirt, mud, trees, and rocks from the construction site to clear and prepare them for the construction process or deal with the aftermath of construction.

Most Convenient Earthwork By Excavation Experts

We do the earthwork, shafting, and tunneling to ensure clean and eco-friendly services. From the roadways to the walkways, foundations, and sidewalks, we provide our excavation services at our best. Our excavation experts are skilled in digging while providing proficient Best Excavation Services in Colorado Springs CO. We are careful to use hand digging skills across the marked line with a shovel or use the proper equipment for gas pipeline or sewer line digging. We remove the soil around the area while digging and proceed cautiously to ensure a safe experience on residential or commercial levels.  

Why Choose Us

We do the land work professionally and leave no stone unturned for the successful completion of our excavation process.

  • Carefully Remove The Soil Around The Respective Area.
  • Ensuring A Safe Experience At Its Finest.
  • Modern Equipment In Use And Skilled Technicians And Plumbers At Play.


We carefully do the hand digging at a distance of 18′ around the marked line.

We have the ladders, ramps, and stairways to emerge safely from at least 4 feet deep. Through the protective system, we enter and exit safely.

There can be deadly and dangerous excavation risks, like water accumulation and oxygen deficiency between muck, mud, dirt, or toxic fumes.

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